Hey 🙂 , how are you guys doing? Well, today my post will be of a matter that is helping my anxiety and worrying levels to rise, I will talk about my CA’s. Therefore this one might be a one, haha.

Introduction to Psychology

The Intro to Psychology was the first CA we got, and it is a group journal. We will be assigned to groups which I believe it will be chosen randomly (we haven’t been assigned to groups yet). 
And we have been given 5 topics altogether to work on the lab journals and those are:

  • Philosophical Roots of Psychology
  • Critical Thinking
  • History of Psychology
  • Biological Psychology
  • Motivation

With these topics we were asked to keep an individual lab journal on each topic, and then come together and discuss our ideas and thoughts so then we can write a final feedback of each topic in a lab group journal. To do that we had to fill out this form which determines what we should write about.
As we finishes the 5 topics there is an extra 6th task which is individual, where we must write about a movie or a TV show that has some link with one or more of the topics covered.
Personal thoughts: I think this CA was quite nice as we can share and discuss our understanding on the various topics as it is a group assignment. I also think the Topic form is very helpful as this way we know exactly what’s required.


Introduction to Cyberpsychology

 The Intro to Cyberpsychology was our second given CA. It is an individual work where we have three different pieces of work.
The first one being a Reflective Essay where we have to choose a type of CMC and write an essay on a critical incident that we have experienced while using that type of CMC.
The second one is a blog post (which matches with our ICT CA which I will later talk about), which we also have to choose a type of CMC and describe the type of communication, potential types of inappropriate usage of this particular CMC, and advise readers on appropriate methods of using this type of CMC for professional and personal correspondence.
And the third and final thing is an Academic Essay which we have again to choose a type of CMC and choose one of the following topics to write it on about:

  • Communication in (chosen CMC format) has irrevocably altered the English language
    ·         (Chosen CMC format) is appropriately utilised by most of its users
    ·         (Chosen CMC format) benefits its users more than it harms them

And that is our Introduction to Cyberpsychology CA.
Personal response: This is the CA that I am mostly worried about. I say this because we have three pieces to write on and they are all in different styles, I am also worried because of the date that it is due which leaves us with approximately one month to do it all (around 3,500 words) and specially because it is worth 50% of our final grade, which weights a lot. So this will definitely be the CA that will be taking my sleep away from me at night.


Information and Comm Technology

Better known as “ICT”, this was our third CA (in which I am working right now). Alike the last CA that I mentioned above, there are also three parts on this one.
Part 1 – consists of creating a blog and posting topics that are related to our course. We must have at least five posts in it, an introduction, a video clip and image and links to sites useful for the course.
In Part 2 – of the CA we should find two articles that relates to technology which we find of our interest, e.g. mobiles/social networking. After finding the articles we have to write an opinion piece for each. We also have to comment in other people’s opinion pieces (from class).
In Part 3 – we should write about three things that would be a must if getting a PC/laptop for college purposes, and why.
Personal response: I really liked this CA, I think the deadline was fair and I also like the way we can choose what our posts are going to be about. This CA involves personal opinion and research. And I generally liked it.


Perception & Ergonomics

For this CA we will have to create and present a pod-cast (e.g. interview), on a perception topic which we have to choose, in class. We will be doing this in groups of twos. We also have to write an individual journal entry on our learning journey.
Personal response: I don’t really have an exact opinion on this CA yet. I am currently reading ‘The Man who mistook his Wife for a Hat’, and we still don’t have any assigned topic. Therefore I think when we make that decision, and also what kind of pod-cast we will make, I will probably have a major response.


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