Intro :)

Hey guys, I’m Larissa, I am 19 🙂 .. I come from really, really far – Brazil! I’ve been living in Dublin for the past 6 years, and I love here now. I am half Italian, and we moved here because… my mom pretty much suddenly decided to, haha. I am an only child (unfortunately), but I have a lovely dog, a white westie. Things that I love to do includes: travelling, watching movies/tv series, going out with my friends – of course, reading, shopping (love dresses, teddy bears –yea, I love them! and shoes), eating ice-cream, sushi and any kind of Italian food. Actually, I love food in general :-P! Well, I am creating this blog for my ICT module in Applied Psychology, and I’ll mainly be posting stuff to do with it. I’m also going to be posting a few things that I find interesting and that I would like to share with you guys. Hope you can all find at least one or two things that you like :D. So… let’s do this!! x


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