And remember guys: Critical thinking! ūüôā hahaha



Ponzo Illusion

Hi, so as I promised you guys, I will post the image I created for Multimedia class (using the techniques we had previously learned), which I used Optical Illusion as inspiration.
The name of the Illusion I used is known as the “Ponzo Illusion”, and in it, some objects (or the girls – as you’ll see in the image) that are far beyond look bigger than the objects/girls¬†that are closer to us. Our perception tells us that the objects are increasing in size when in reality they are actually the same size. This perception is created by the way we place the¬†objects and the lines in it.
I will now post the Official work (the real Ponzo Illusion):


And that’s the one I created using some Photoshop skills that we learned:

I know it’s actually very simple but I wanted to share with you guys anyway. I couldn’t really mess around with the effects and light as the colours portrayed in the image are very¬†dark (e.g. black and brick-red colour). But I did what I could.
I got some feedback off of my Multimedia teacher and he did not really like the writing I used, he said it was not visible enough and I agree with him. Well, as they say “living and¬†learning” ūüėõ next time I will try to excel my writing style’s skill.

Optical Illusion

This is a very interesting topic that we were studying in Perception & Ergonomics class. Last week, our teacher showed us many examples of visual illusions which I thought was sensational. So I was looking at other images and videos for visual illusions and I found this video which I thought was really cool. We also had to “create” an image for Multimedia which should have to do with something you learned in a subject in College and liked it, and I used an illusion as inspiration – the Ponzo Illusion – which I will post in the next post so you guys can check it out.

ICT – Second Week

It was time to learn about input devices now, and that’s what we did on our second week in ICT. We again learned what they are and the various different ranges of them.
I have to admit that I thought output devices were more exciting but we also found some interesting types of input devices. After that we moved on to Computer Hardware, and so we learned about the different and more specific parts of a PC, for example, what a motherboard is.


Introduction to Psychology

Hello again, well, in Introduction to Psych class we learnt about the History of Psychology and some influential characters, for example: Rene Descartes, father of modern philosophy; dualism. Franz Joseph Gall, a German physician; which developed phrenology. Charles Darwin came up with evolution; revolutionized biology. We are also currently studying the School of Thought, and the last week we were watching a documentary about Freud, which I thought it was very interesting ‚Äď and also bizarre sometimes. And these are the links:

Freud Documentary Part I:
Freud Documentary Part II:
Freud Documentary Part III: