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Introduction to Psychology

Hello again, well, in Introduction to Psych class we learnt about the History of Psychology and some influential characters, for example: Rene Descartes, father of modern philosophy; dualism. Franz Joseph Gall, a German physician; which developed phrenology. Charles Darwin came up with evolution; revolutionized biology. We are also currently studying the School of Thought, and the last week we were watching a documentary about Freud, which I thought it was very interesting – and also bizarre sometimes. And these are the links:

Freud Documentary Part I:
Freud Documentary Part II:
Freud Documentary Part III:

ICT – First Week

Hi guys, as I mentioned to you before, I created this blog mainly for my ICT module, so here I will be talking a little about what I am doing in ICT class. Today I will talk about my first week.

On our first day we learned about the History of Computing. What exactly a computer is, what they do and how they evolved. We also learned about output devices and searched for futuristic output devices, which I thought it was fascinating. One output device that really got my attention was this “dream recording device” that I came across. The dream recording device – also known as oneirography – is a system capable of recording higher-levels of brain activity. Scientists are trying to develop this “system” so that in the future it could be used to extend our knowledge and understanding of how/why people dream and how dreams are created. It could then be used by professionals such as Psychologists and be used for further analysis to understand the unconscious mind. – I think Freud would love to be around for that! – If you guys are interested and want to know more about this device, here’s the link for a video which explains how it was discovered and further details about it: And that’s it for now.